Enough is Enough is Enough

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Enough. The word itself is strangely unfamiliar when seen visually as it is spelled, yet, when heard or said aloud, it triggers all kinds of associations mentally and emotionally. From the German word ‘genog’ or sufficient, the word enough mysteriously refers simultaneously to a significant lack of something, just the right amount of something, and total abundance of something. The significance of the concept of enough in terms of emotional and mental health and when applied to the experience of addiction is so profound that it must be expounded upon to truly appreciate it’s impact.

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Enough is enough. When we see or hear this coupling of the word ‘enough’, we immediately think or feel “STOP”, as in, “enough is enough!” or “cut that out” or “that’s it, I’m done!”. This is a massive point of realization and a pivot point from one direction of movement to another and from one mindset or perspective to another. When we hear or reach the point of “enough is enough”, change automatically ensues. It is a stopping point where a decision has been made to switch gears, to put an end to something, and to reset and start over again in some other way. If we recall having said “enough is enough” in response to someone else or something inside ourselves, we know exactly how powerful “enough is enough” can be.

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Enough is enough is enough. Adding an extra “is enough” onto an already sufficient description of why “enough is enough” is in itself sufficient (pun intended), seems superfluous at first glance. It is as if the word “enough” itself is somehow lacking, the meanings of “enough is enough” doesn’t quite cover it, that we could go on and on in an infinitely repeatable pallindromic state. Alas, the triad of “enough is enough is enough” captures all of it. Consider saying this to yourself every day: “I am enough”. Imagine saying to those you care about and others: “You are enough”. Now think about saying to yourself in response to your own negative thoughts patters, self-destructive behavioral patterns, and unproductive cyclical relationship dynamics: “Enough is enough”. Finally, imagine being quiet for a moment, in a meditative or contemplative state, with a totally open mind an in complete awareness with eyes wide and a mellow smile and repeat the phrase “Enough is enough is enough”. The first ‘enough’ identifies the presence and absence of something. The second “enough is enough” offers a paradigm shift in thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. The third “enough is enough is enough” is the total package of peaceful wisdom that fills one’s present experience with abundance, balance, and joy to flow naturally.

Published by Dr. Rick Barnett

Licensed Clinical Psychologist-Doctorate, Addiction/Recovery Specialist, among other things...

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