4A! Change


This time of year is a time for a change. Being obsessed with change professionally, personally, socially, spiritually, and environmentally, it is valuable to consider some core ingredients involved in the process of change. Truth is, change is personal and there are as many recipes for change, based on unlimited combinations of ingredients, as their are people and varieties of personalities, moods, beliefs, preferences, values and more. Still, boiling it all down to some common elements may help to create basic building blocks that can enhance the transition from one state of being to another. Let’s call these “4A Change” or the 4 A’s of change: Awareness, Appreciation, Acceptance, Action!

Notice immediately that the first three A’s are internal, that is, all of these three components of change reside within and require the individual to be attuned to their inner world of thoughts, feelings, beliefs, attitudes, preferences, and understanding. These three A’s are all about personal responsibility for one’s own perspective. Awareness is the first factor in any change process. Awareness is like the groundwater from which everything required for change springs forth. Appreciation is the energy and vibration that acts like a generator carrying forward the power required for change. Acceptance is the non-conforming state of being that opens up pathways that allows for change without effort, without force. These three A’s are the raw material for action!

Action! as intended here, is not what one typically thinks of when hearing or seeing the word action. Action! is the natural combination of being and doing arising from a state of flow, know, and show. Action! as it is described here, is experienced as a state of flow, an internal self-assured experience of knowing without really consciously knowing, and the outward “showing” or expression of everything that came before the manifestation of change. Think about these ideas. Watch the change unfold.

Published by Dr. Rick Barnett

Licensed Clinical Psychologist-Doctorate, Addiction/Recovery Specialist, among other things...

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