Time and Treasure

Photo by Moose Photos on Pexels.com

Take time to treasure two things: Time and Treasure. Put another way: take time to treasure time and take time to treasure treasure. And yet still put another way, we are all just passing through this life and it feels good to appreciate the things we have. 
In this hurry-up and harried world in which we participate, phrases like “get out of your own way” or “go with the flow” can really strike a nasty nerve. Like, who the hell wants to “stop and smell the roses” when there’s FOMO and YOLO and god knows what other artificial motivators dominating our collective consciousness. Don’t get me wrong, I love YOLO as much as the next person because “carpe diem / seize the day” can actually be super fun!

Photo by Kripesh adwani on Pexels.com

Treasuring time and treasuring treasure are the flip side of the same coin. When we appreciate what we have (love, friends, family, pets, food, shelter, health, etc..) with a basic sense of gratitude, time actually does slow down and the need for instant gratification is subdued. In service of our more spiritual selves, if you believe in that sort of thing, let us savor life in the most subtle ways. Notice the space between the ‘Tick’ And the ‘Tock’ on the seconds hand on a clock and remember, we are all just passing through. Live well.

Published by Dr. Rick Barnett

Licensed Clinical Psychologist-Doctorate, Addiction/Recovery Specialist, among other things...

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