Clarity Charity Prosperity

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It arose from a meditation: Clarity, Charity, and Prosperity. It has a nice ring to it. Not only does it rhyme, but it’s reasonable. Not only does it pack a punch, but it is also profound. We all go through the ups and downs of life. Whether we are up or down or find ourselves in between, we may find focus by recalling the fundamentals of Clarity, Charity, and Prosperity. Let’s develop these concepts further, shall we?

First: Clarity

Clarity means awareness. It means seeing things in higher definition. By invoking clarity, we can sort through the muck and mire of life’s challenges. Clarity enables us to illuminate the essence of ‘the stuff of life’: feelings, people, situations, experiences, environments. Clarity means deepening one’s perspective and looking at life from various angles. As Johnny Nash wrote and sung, “I can see clearly now the rain has gone. I can see all obstacles in my way.” With clarity, we rise above the clouds and see and feel things very differently from when we are down in the valley or surrounded by the fog of life. By continuously cultivating clarity in our lives we can grow and change in consistently positive ways.

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Next: Charity

When we think of charity we think of giving and receiving money or of organizations doing good work for others and asking for resources to do such work. For example: Have you given to charity? What’s your favorite charity? But charity means so much more! Life simply being of service to others, adopting a charitable world view or a kind and forgiving spirit towards oneself and others. Being charitable means being accepting of oneself and others. It means being far less judgmental or even non-judgmental. It means giving the benefit of the doubt instead of being negative or overly critical. By embodying a charitable attitude, we can enhance our self-worth, our sense of openness and positivity in our lives, and add meaningful value to the world in service of care and compassion.

Finally: Prosperity

Again, when we hear the word prosperity we think money. Being prosperous is associated with financial success and wealth. But let’s think about prosperity in broader terms. From it’s Latin root, prospero “I render happy”, or to grow, to thrive, to do well. To be prosperous signals doing well in mind, body, and spirit. It means to be successful, and of course this can mean to be financially successful or abundant but also to be successful and abundant in all the good things life has to offer us: health, family, friends, activities, and inner and outer wellness.

Putting it all together: Clarity, Charity, Prosperity

Now, as we look at prosperity in a new light, let’s think about the previous two concepts of clarity and charity. By developing more and more clarity in our lives, we hone in on things that feel good to us and identify more quickly the things that don’t feel so good. Some things that don’t feel good are obstacles, judgmentalism, negativity, fear, and the lack of freedom. This is where charity comes in to play. We can be more charitable in our attitudes towards ourselves, others, and the world at large by being of service, through forgiveness and by always giving the benefit of the doubt.

In our quiet moments through meditation, listening to music, going for a walk, caring for our animals and for each other, driving in our cars, being in nature, we can access thoughts, feelings and experiences in our minds and hearts that generate creativity and good vibes. The trifecta of Clarity, Charity, and Prosperity is but one example of a kind of mantra that I hope inspires you in your lives as it has in mine. Thank you.

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