Sweet & Sad

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Life passes while you wonder “what it is”. – Anthony De Mello

We see signs of sweetness and sadness everywhere. And, where our attention goes, energy flows. As our lives continue to unfold, moment by moment, day by day, we realize more and more that we are observers and participants in both our internal worlds (inner dialog/perspectives) and outer worlds (others, environments, media). We exercise some control over the outside world but we overestimate such control. We can exercise a lot MORE control over our inner world but we underestimate such control. We need to reverse this habitual reality.

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We must increasingly “let go” of the idea that we can exercise any real control over outside circumstances. We must enhance our ability to let go of things we can’t control. The result is typically increasing our serenity, adaptability and resilience. We must increasingly adopt the mindset that we have total control over our level of self-awareness and our thoughts, feelings and behaviors in any given moment. We must continue to develop and grow in our capacity to reclaim power from within rather than feeling dis-empowered by forces outside of our sphere of influence.

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There is sweetness and sadness throughout the lifespan. A sunrise, a sunset, a loss, a wing, a change, an achievement, and all of life’s experiences contain elements that taste delightful, feel sorrowful, sound joyous, smell rancid, and look stunning. Our sixth sense synthesizes our other five senses to inspire us to appreciate the sweetness and sadness across the full spectrum of our journeys together and in solitude. Anthony de Mello wrote a book called “Awareness” and it is a must read for anyone interested in personal philosophy development. Highly recommended. Here is a sample for those interested. Thank you!

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