Under the Wire

What wire? And what does that even mean? “Hey Google…what does Under the Wire mean? According to google’s search process, it means “just in time” or “at the last possible opportunity.” Do you live your life constantly doing things ‘under the wire’? This Day 4 of my 30 day Challenge of writing every day is just such an example of “just in time”. It is 11:36pm on Day 4.

And this reminds me of a saying that “some people act or change when they see the light, others when they feel the heat.” Oftentimes, some of us wait until the last possible minute to take action on something. Some may find that having a “back up against a wall”, or facing a crisis, or feeling no choice but to act is a common pattern in their lives. I’ve found myself in these situations. And, if I’m honest, it both sucks and it’s not-so-bad.

It sucks because there’s such a thing as not enough stress, just the right amount, and too much stress. Not enough stress can foster inaction or worse, procrastination. To much stress, well, that just sounds awful. But just the right amount of stress… that’s the alleged sweet spot for most. Many know themselves so well, like a fine-tuned machine, that the range of that sweet spot of the right amount of stress is instinctive, perhaps simply intuitive. However, the line between just enough and too much may be a bit blurry for some of us, tipping us over into too much stress and getting stuff done – Under the Wire. Where do you see yourself in this?

Here are some synonyms for “under the wire”. #nickoftime

Published by Dr. Rick Barnett

Licensed Clinical Psychologist-Doctorate, Addiction/Recovery Specialist, among other things...

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