A Friend of Time is a Friend of Mine

Time often seems characterized as an enemy. Life proceeds in an unstoppable way. Mere humans, when compared to other forms of organic matter or the vastness of the cosmos, are simply proceeding along with time from conception to death. There is no apparent way to alter time except in terms of consciousness or changes in perception. Time slows or speeds up according to our subjective experiences resulting in feelings that time is racing or moving frustratingly slow.

When we make a friend of time, we make a friend with ourselves and others. That’s why “a friend of time is a friend of mine”. Yes, this expression pays homage to a popular Grateful Dead song called “Friend of the Devil”. And I certainly don’t wish to malign time by likening it to the devil. If anything, time itself sits above, behind or completely encompasses any dichotomous concept binding us to limits and confinement. A line from this song – “set out running but I’ll take my time” – says it all. Time may be the ultimate paradox.

Which brings up a final point or related concept. In the social media reality that garners so much attention nowadays, there is an entrepreneur and social media activist named Gary Vaynerchuk. The guy has so much content out there. One piece of content that stands out is his statement “Macro Patience, Micro Speed”. This really captures the essence of time as a friend, a paradox, and a natural wonder. We can learn to move instep with time as part of the natural flow of all things. To end with a favorite quote: “Every second is of infinite value.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Published by Dr. Rick Barnett

Licensed Clinical Psychologist-Doctorate, Addiction/Recovery Specialist, among other things...

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