Go Ahead, I’m Listening

A friend sent me a link to a podcast to which I responded: “Thanks! I look forward to listening.” As someone who listens for a living, I know listening is powerful part of the human experience and it can mean so many things. We listen with our ears but also with our hearts, our minds, and our deeper selves. When we don’t truly listen, it can have known and unknown consequences.

There is an awesome quote that I posted several months ago on my Instagram Account that says: “Listen and Silent are spelled with the same letters. Think about it.” Interestingly, I looked up “Listen Anagrammer” and guess what? Listen and Silent are spelled with the same letters as Enlist, Inlets, Elints, and Tinsel. This is fascinating!

When we listen, we “enlist” others to share and we “enlist” ourselves to pay attention with intention. When we listen, there are “inlets” created which become pathways to deeper understanding and even wisdom. When we listen, something magical can happen like “Tinsel” on a Christmas tree (ok, that was a stretch..lol).

But what is this “ELINTS” thing. I had to look that up. And, wow! Here is the definition: “the gathering of military or other intelligence through the monitoring of electronic signals other than voice communications, as satellite transmissions, rocket telemetry, and radar”. Think about. Now, go ahead. I’m listening.

Published by Dr. Rick Barnett

Licensed Clinical Psychologist-Doctorate, Addiction/Recovery Specialist, among other things...

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