30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 1

We didn’t get “1st Chair” this morning. We got the “2nd wave” of skiers and riders. Wow! Was that sun and sky and glistening snow glorious. Now this is living! Riding that chairlift with one of my sons was super fun. What made it even better was the spontaneous, very brief, chit-chat about “2nd Place”.

“Dad, you know what’s weird about 2nd Place? Everyone thinks 2nd Place is a bad thing. But, think about it. When you come in 2nd, you beat all the other people who tried getting 1st Place. When you come in 2nd, you are still at the top of the sport, skill, or competition or whatever you’re trying to achieve. That’s awesome.” Ok, he didn’t say it quite like that but that was the gist of it.

This kid sitting next to me loves to ski. He’s been saying “I wanna go skiing so badly” since September. And we raced up to the parking lot of the ski area to get 1st Chair and it didn’t matter to him that we got within the first cycle of chairs taking skiers and riders up the mountain. We were both just so excited to be on the lift, anticipating the excitement of bombing up and down the mountain, carving deep trenches in the freshly groomed trails by pushing hard into our turns and letting our ski edges do all the work. Did I mention he is the second born child? #facts lol

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