The Invisible Bridge

Dr. Rick Barnett, Psy.D., M.S., LADC

Sometimes action requires an act of faith. Whether initial action or continued action, we are often plagued with doubt and fear which seems to block forward movement despite our conviction in our desires and commitments. This seems to be a universal human phenomenon relieved only by the reality of having no choice but to take some sort of action OR by taking action despite having no evidence that it’s the “right” action to take. The experience of doubt, fear, desire, change, action, inaction, analysis and paralysis are all frequent themes in psychotherapy (and in life).

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Oftentimes, there is an invisible bridge right in front of us, calling us forward through our 6th or 7th or 11th sense rather than through our tangible senses of sight, sound, smell, taste and touch. How can this be? Are these known sensory mechanisms unreliable? Is anything perceived or believed in somehow relegated to the realm of the mysterious and esoteric? No. We sense the energy and non-physical world around us all the time. We’ve even developed technologies like radio waves, cell phone service, satellite TV, bluetooth, infrared, and more to prove that information and guidance is constantly being transmitted outside of our traditional sensory awareness.

This is what I call the “invisible bridge” borrowed from this scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark: The Last Crusade. Watch it now. I use this metaphor or reference to this scene from the movie frequently in my sessions with people (when appropriate). We must have faith and not some hijacked religious version of faith (which for some, is downright awesome, no disrespect). Faith as intended in this brief piece is also referred to as “trust in the process”, “go with your gut”, “letting go”, courage and love. Not knowing how or what to do next or if it’s the right or wrong thing is both irrelevant and precisely the guidance needed to step forward into the void and embracing the reassurance we all have access to from sources unseen, unfelt, unheard, scentless, and without taste. Gabrielle Bernstein recently wrote a book called “The Universe Has Your Back” which is all about transforming fear into faith. It is highly recommended, especially for those going through difficult times. To leave you with a quote from the book: ” In every situation you have two choices: Will you learn through fear or will you learn through love?”. The choice is yours.

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