Severe Clear

There is nothing like what is called “bluebird” skies when contrasted with the bright white slopes of mountainous downhill ski terrain. The immaculate deep blue (usually morning) sky is where skiers and riders get the term “bluebird”, as in “it’s an epic bluebird day, dude”, or “perfect bluebird conditions today everyone”. But what was learned today up on the local mountain slopes while riding the quad chair was the term “severe clear”. We were remarking about what a glorious bluebird morning it was when a fellow chairlift rider described.

Meteorologists and pilots sometimes call the deep, brilliant blue sky as severe clear. This aviation term refers to unlimited visibility. The website which describes severe clear as “an atmosphere dominated by a strong high pressure often features nothing but vivid blue, bright sunshine, and a light wind. The weather usually plays a huge role in our lives when it turns sour.” It just so happens that today’s bluebird skies were in fact a sign of a storm rolling in this evening and tomorrow calling for pretty intense rains in this region (Northeast US).

Everyone has probably at one time or another seen or expressed the parallels between moods and the weather, even physical health and the weather. Without going into detail about “seasonal affective disorder” or how barometric pressure affects the physical body, this notion of severe clear may be extended into the realm of physical and mental health. Is it possible that crystal clear skies on a given day or consecutive days signal some kind of storm in our collective consciousness? Does the individual experience of total clarity precede significant changes in a person’s life? Next time extreme clarity occurs within us or those we know, let us observe what changes may follow. We may find another connection between humans, our natural world, the earth, our solar system, and the greater universe. Who knows?

Published by Dr. Rick Barnett

Licensed Clinical Psychologist-Doctorate, Addiction/Recovery Specialist, among other things...

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